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Roswell Genealogical Society Programs - 2018 Calendar

January 11   Changes at the Family History Center & familysearch.org - Suzanne Lamontine
February 8   What the Southeastern New Mexico Historical Archives Has to Offer for Genealogists - Janice Dunahoo
March 8   Dearly Departed: Death Records - Susan Bellomo
April 12   Webinar: Catalogs: The Key to Using familysearch.org and Ancestry.com - James Tanner
May 10   Beginning Hispanic Genealogy - Judge Freddie Romero

June, July, August - off for the summer

September 13   Webinar: Genealogical Proof Standard for Non-Professionals - Michael John Neill
October 11   Vaulting the Brick Wall - Susan Bellomo
November 8   Updated DNA Research - Nancy & Bill Siders
December 13?   Annual Christmas Party (TBA)