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Roswell Genealogical Society Programs - 2019 Calendar

Jan. 10   Webinar: Getting started Right: Documentation for theNew Genealogist - Tom Jones 1:46:30
Feb. 14   Immigrant Ancestors: Crossing the Pond - Susan Bellomo
Mar. 14   Webinar: Seek and Ye Shall Find: Become an Ancestry Search Expert - Ann Gillespie Mitchell 1:08:06
Apr. 11   Webinar: Beginning Your Search for Irish Ancestors - Eilleen M. Ó Dúill, CG? 1:04:10
May 9   Webinar: Native American Ancestry? Steps to Learn More - Paula Stuart-Warren, CG?, FGS, FUGA 1:23:17

June, July, August - off for the summer

Sep 12   Webinar: Whiskey, Farming and the Choices to Move: Understanding Family Migration - J. Mark Lowe, CG? FUGA 39:56
Oct 10   Webinar: Finding Ethnic Origins and Passenger Arrival Records - Juliana Szucs 56:09
Nov 14   Webinar: Newspapers.com: Getting the Scoop on Your Ancestors - Karen Lee 37:35
Dec 13   Annual Christmas Party (TBA)


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